Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Inspiration For Halloween --- Avatar Elegant Cosplay

the view in the movie Avatar

With cute long ears, a proud tail in back and exactly unprecedented blue skin, the people in Avatar all looks like so. There is anyone feeling creepy for them? None…. I’m sure. People are so interested except deep curiosity…. And lovers show more admiration than making light of them, which you can be traced from the popularity at the time….

Recently, I have met so many questions that who I should be in the coming Halloween party, or how can I act as a special role…. More ideas and stuff…. I know you’ll pay out much work and energy for this alluring meeting…. Have you ever considered the role in Avatar?? I think it’s a good idea…

she's a beauty, right?

If you choose this plan, well, how to carry on this idea? I promise, you’ll not print yourself as a blue dolphin, and not worry that the dyestuff will make any damage to your skin… by the way, I think, for dark skin people, it’s really a good idea, which can hide your skin color, and the white teeth will spice up this role…. J Easily, the customized Avatar zentai suit will take advantage of its soft feeling and nice visual effect to accomplish your meeting perfectly…. Generally, the suit is enclosed with hood, just like a jump suit, but, you can get eyes, mouth even nose according to your need. It clings to your body closely, as if it’s your skin, indeed. One point can’t be neglected, is the tail attached in the back.
Avatar cosplay work

A pair of exclusive ear is necessary…. I quite agree this point, because I like the elf ears or called it demon ears…. It’s long and pointy, I believe, people in Pandora have great hearing, since the exclusive ear can get better signal, and can receive more information at the same time just judging from its appearance…. J it’s really a satisfying stuff…

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beautiful Lady --- Chobits Chi Cosplay

beautiful Chobits Chi

Who she is, I guess, you’ll confuse about it. Letting go of the story plot, Chi can be simply seen as a technological advanced personal computer with the great intelligence and the ability to feel emotions… in all, she can’t treated as the ordinary thing. In the story, Chi is found by Hideki in a pile of trash when he makes his way home from work one night. At that time, the only word “Chi” is what she can speak…. Talking about that, you’ll understand the origin of her name. I have to say Hideki is a lazy guy, who makes the name in such a lazy way…. If you’re the fans of Hideki, forgive me…. J
Chobits Chi cos
Chi is a cute Chobits, with no memory of her past, including some information about herself, such as her original name at the time, Elda; has a sister, Freya. She loves Hideki, so as to go to work to help him get money in a bakery called Chiroru. Well, she’s endearing girl, isn’t she?

For the reason of her high popularity, the cosplayers and costumed participants can not miss the chance to deduce different Chobits Chi story. Whatever the occasion is, comic convention, costumed party, or Halloween party, you can find her footprints. Due to the gorgeous and glamorous Chobits Chi clothing, Chi becomes the most girls’ goal. 

Are you ready?? Be courageous, confident... Try this role...

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Easy Role to Cosplay --- Death Note Lawliet Ryuuzaki Cosplay

Lawliet Ryuuzaki in movie

The first sight with him, I remember, is in the movie, and later, read the anime… its excellent indeed. The more feelings for L are admiration and worship because of his remarkable logical analysis thinking not the ordinary look… J  Forgive my superficial thinking… well, what’s your reaction for him depending on your first impression.

No doubt, Lawliet Ryuuazaki always appears disheveled and languid, so as to hide his super ability on insight and logical analysis. Facing such an outstanding guy, don’t you want to gratify your vanity to be a great detective? Pick up the valuable chance, Halloween comic convention.

In fact, Death Note Lawliet is one of the easiest roles to act as; especially you’d rather choose a cheapest way to accomplish your comic convention. 
Lawliet Ryuuzaki cosplay

The simply white T-shirt matches with jean trousers, wow… almost Lawliet outline is shown out… of course, you can’t forget his shaggy hair and, remarkable black eyes… if you add some symbolizing actions into your performance, you’ll be successful. You must know L has several quirks. For example, you can choose the poise crouch rather than sit or standing; has preference in sweet food like desserts and fruits; when L holds a food or something, pay attention to his delicate act; you can suck your finger, hang down the head, and bend your back…

Lawliet’s hair is not so difficult, you think, after viewing the hairdo like Final Fantasy Cloud, Bleach Toushiro Hitsugaya and so on… the black hair both sides drop naturally, and the bang seems a little long to obscure the eyes. It’s easy to do, isn’t it? There is such circumstance that the color of your hair isn’t suitable for him, at the same time, you don’t like to dye, Lawliet wig is a good choice except a little expenses.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bleach 10th Division Toushiro Hitsugaya Cosplay

How about Toushiro Hitsugaya?
A good question… maybe one of the reasons attract you, is his personality. For my evaluation, he’s a young and promising boy, no wonder called “boy genius” or “child prodigy”… although sometimes he appears short-tempered and irritable, generally, he’s mature and serious.

Then, move eyes to Toushiro Hitsugaya wig.
In my memory, white sometimes means death, doesn’t? With remarkable bushy white hair, Toushiro Hitsugaya has to catch your attention. Well, the white just symbolizes his identity in some ways, which belongs my personal opinion. J If the white hair gives you impression that he’s too old to become weak, it’s a mistake… in contrast to this superficial illusion, like what I said above, he’s boy genius. As to the hairdo, it reminds me the teeth of shark for the first sight. It shows brief, powerful, and vigorous, which response to his personality, short-tempered, irritable, but courageous, and strong.

Finally, the simple but not monotonous Toushiro Hitsugaya costume is shown to you.
It can say it’s a kind of standard kimono costume. It’s the popular color collocation of white and black… can I consider the color as heaven and hell? The dark always takes control of the death or hell… No expectation, some simple patterns are drawn on the lap of the clothes.

Furthermore, Toushiro Hitsugaya accessories play as important role as the dress. Like delicate necklace, ring, and badges are all indispensable.

Who is Toushiro Hitsugaya?
At first, I’ll clear up your confusion on who is Toushiro Hitsugaya… Ha-ha, no doubt, he’s a handsome boy, and a leader character in anime and manga series Bleach… exactly, he’s the captain of the 10th Division, a group of Soul Reapers protecting Soul Society.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sesshoumaru with Demon’s Heart and Miko’s Love

handsome seesshoumaru

Don’t you think Sesshoumaru is a cool man?

In fact, he’s indeed, at least I think so. At first, he has perfectly good-looking appearance. I know, you won’t be against this point, because you are or were captured and struck by him. I have to admit I was addicted for the first sight just because of his handsome. Wow… I’m an outspoken girl… :)

For the second reason is, Sesshoumaru is a strong ones, owning enough power to make what he want in ruin. Maybe sometimes you’ll feel he’s cruel, bloody, or brutal, but he’s still cool, isn’t he? Seen from another side, you’ll feel exposed without his ability, which called security.

What I can find the third reason is his pute affections, for Rin, compassion or other feelings. It’s so hard to believe the frozen man’s heart can be melt.

And specifically what I should mention is Sesshoumaru delicate clothing. I think it deserves your love.
Sesshoumaru cosplay

That’s why I like him, and you? I know, many cosplayers costumed as Sesshoumaru in cosmic convention, that’s an exciting idea. Viewing their excellent performance, how can you keep cool to it? Let’s step into the magic warring states period.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outstanding Team Rocket Pokémon Cosplay

Team Rocket Pokemon Cosplay

Team Rocket:
The first syndicate, led by the criminal mastermind, desires to steal Pokémon to further its goal of world domination.

Of course, the result like most story depict, antagonists always pay for their stupid behavior, miserable failure and physical injuries are their bitter memories.

While, one should be pointed out that they have a deep explanation for the sentence: failure teaches success, although they haven’t had a successful example. They attack Ash after one more times, as if they enjoy it. No doubt, in the story Pokémon, Team Rocket spices up the risking adventures.

Jesse and James
Facing these interesting roles, cosplayers are always ready to try. So, Team Rocket Pokémon cosplay (either called Pokemon Jesse cosplay or James cosplay),  is popular among the various costumed play. Have you seen their obvious features? Their team clothes is white which is one of my favorite color, as regard to the hair, they are swanky as their personalities, one is bright red, and the other is bright blue (light purple). In any case, I think it’s a successful design on characterization.

For the clothing, there have many in common. White color, big letter “R” in the center of breast, and matching black leather gloves, boots forms the rule of team clothes. Certainly, you have no image in your mind just hearing my description. Now, go to appreciate the outstanding works. I believe you’ll like them.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pokémon Pikachu Cosplay

Pokemon Pikachu

Well, at first, I ask you a question that do you think Pikachu is a pet?

For me, I tend to treat it as my partner, not just a pet. A pet can fight with you? Wow… it’s a joke… the deepest impression to me is in the anime: the cute face, its flexible tail and its power.

I bet it’s impossible that Pikachu is less attractive than the other characters in anime. No wonder many people become its followers, at the same time, in some cosmic convention people are costumed as Pikachu. Today, I share the popular Pokemon Pikachu cosplay works with you to enjoy the fun.
Pikachu cosplay

Looking at the photo above, here is a pretty Pikachu girl… from her ears, red cheeks, even her yellow fur, no doubt, there exhibits a sexy Pikachu.
Pokemon Pikachu cosplay -- so cute..

I have to thumb up for this cosplayer. She deduces a happy Pikachu, the shiny smile dazzle my eyes.
Pikachu cosplay--fat pikachu

For sure, this Pikachu should be on diet… and hoping he can be successful.

These works are so interesting, aren’t they? Haha… hurry to join, and remember the fun in a photo.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hetalia: Axis Powers China Wang Xiao Cosplay

Hetalia Axis Powers -- China

Being a Japanese webcomic at first, Hetalia Axis Powers developed into manga and anime series later. That’s enough to present its popularity. It mainly depicts the historic events, in particular the World War II era, in which different countries are represented by their country characters. The members of Axis Powers and the allies of World War II are Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia and China.

Although China played a small role in this big event, well, the Hetalia Axis Powers China Wang Xiao cosplay is hot, and eye-catching.
Hetalia Cosplay

Move your eyes to the traditional Chinese clothes. Well, at the first glimpse, you’ll notice its difference. The passionate red color shows hospitality, as well as a prayer for happiness. As for the design, you may find there is no ruffles, and lance. But the buttons are distinctive. 

If you’re tired of the gorgeous dresses, try this style, jacket matching with pants. In a cosplay show, change your flavor. Being a Chinese countryside girl, you’ll dig out more funs.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Next Stop, Tifa Final Fantasy Cosplay

Tifa Lockhart --- Lateral View

Recently, I read a controversial post, which said Tifa Final Fantasy was deemed the past, in other words, Tifa Lockheart is outmoded. Is it really the fact? Surely, I rank in the list of discommenders. 

If you like her, and is her loyal lovers, who cares?

We know she has a gorgeous history. Tifa is the seventh most attractive female game protagonist in the world, and the first sexiest role around the world. Apart from it, she holds the second position in the most beautiful game female rating. That’s truth, who can deny it?
Final Fantasy Tifa, i can't move my eyes,when seeing her

I get clear about the temptations from diverse game, anime, and stuff, well, still I believe, Tifa is an ageless legend.

Her eyes like springs, clear and pleasant, and the lips is enchanting cherry, wow…. I can’t describe better, she’s the beautiful scene. I admire her well shaped figure, of course, the distinctive outfit. I think I’m not the only one drool over her good looking. 

Tifa Lockhart cosplay

In a Final Fantasy Cosplay, Tifa always keeps her position in the top. I can’t say she outshine others, but, a luminous people indeed. 

The picture in the left side is taken from Tifa cosplay album. It’s exactly similar to the image in the game. Wearing the Tifa costume, well posing to the photo, the all effect presents perfect.

In the following cosmic-convention, or Halloween cosplay, maybe Tifa is your next stop.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Legend of Zelda Link

At first, I have to thumb up for this awesome work.

Usually, we put most attention to The Legend of Zelda princess, while, to your unexpected, Zelda Link also captures our eyes.

What’s Legend of Zelda?
Occasionally, the Legend of Zelda is called Legend of Zelda, or Zelda, is a high fantasy action-adventure video game. Considered one of the most popular and most excellent productions, it consists of a mixture of action, adventure and puzzle solving.
The game centers on Link, the playable main character and protagonist, who often becomes a hero to rescue princess Zelda. Yeah, as we known, the name of the game Zelda comes from the main character princess Zelda. 

Well, facing such an eye-catching role, there is no reason to get rid of him in a cosmic-convention. I believe, after browsing these pictures, you’ll fresh your eyes for Zelda Link.

Zelda Link
Wow… there is a rabbit dancing in my heart… seeing such a cool man, it’s hard to keep cool down… Lol…

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay

Cloud Final Fantasy

To girls fascinated, together with boys, a stunning young Cloud Strife emerged all of a sudden. Blond hair, striking blue eyes, dark clothing and his Buster Sword come on strong impression to people.

Cloud Fantasy

Along with widespread success, the character Cloud Strife has been rooted among the people. He made his debut in Final Fantasy , and successively arose in FFVII, FF Tactics, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, the Kingdom Hearts game, and Itadaki Street Special.

Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay

"I pity you. You just don't get it at all ... there's not a thing I don't cherish!" Initially, Cloud is such a boy with somewhat cocky and selfish attitude, while, as the story develops, he changes a lot. His style and personality get much favor along with his growth.

Apart from Cloud personalized nature, the nice Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay outfit, I believe, is also main reason why people love him so much. Presently, there is a golden opportunity enjoy the Fantasy Cosplay being Cloud.

I don’t know how many people are addicted with him, but I know I drool over him for so long time.    :D don’t laugh at me….I always haven’t resistance for handsome guy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Kairi Cosplay

Endearing Kairi

Hello… always I want to present you the pleasant thing, and no exception, today I bring you an endearing girl. It says the best thing in the world is to view beauty as many as possible, which make you happy, and feed your eyes. For me, it’s also a truth.
Lateral View:Kairi
I’m not sure if you like her….but she’s a sweet girl --- Kingdom Hearts Kairi. Um… if I need find a word to describe her, I’d rather choose a favorite fruit --- cherry.

Her hair is a delightful color, as if, to echo to this joyful element, Kairi is in pink dress.

I get crazy about her clear eyes, like sapphire… it seems this metaphor is not exactly appropriate, her eyes liven up the whole face. I can find blue sky, pure stream and fresher thing in her eyes. 

Kindom Hearts Kairi Cosplay
I recognize, I like her, but I’m not bisexual. : D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Invitation: Pokemon Misty Cosplay

Pokemon Misty Picture 

A sunshine girl, in the time I give the first glimpse to her, I can’t help saying like this. The small body includes powerful energy--- warm and happy feelings.

So cute and sweet...
I have been addicted with Pokémon since I was a middle school student. Some people give their ideas that she’s a tomboy… with the goal of becoming the world’s greatest water Pokémon trainer, Misty left the gym, of course, she’s fed up with her sisters is one of the reasons.

Pokemon Misty Cosplay Picture
In the road to be a strong trainer, she’s not alone, accompanying with Ash and Brock, as well as various friends they met. But the biggest enemy is constant Team Rocket, including a pair of partner, and a naughty kitty.

Misty's also a beauty...

As for the appearance, what impresses me is her hair, which looks like a ripe orange. Stylish brick-red color seems recounting the story of youth. Move the eyes to her dress, Pokémon Misty cosplay outfit. Yellow sleeveless T-shirt matching with jean shorts and red suspenders put finishing touches to this clothing. Not only it can be worn in a cosplay activity, but in daily life, I believe. With combination of popular elements, this dress gets more preference.

I dream to be a strong people who can give a hand when someone need. Aha, so achieve it in a Pokemon cosplay show; receive this zealous invitation, because I don’t think you wanna see me depressed, you’re great people…..

Friday, July 8, 2011

Princess Dream Awake --- Rosen Maiden Cosplay

There’s no reason, at the sight of Rosen Maiden Shinku, I’m lost in the fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty. Perhaps, her endearing appearance, and nice clothing capture my thinking.

Have you ever heard this story? This says, a rose princess, in her fifteenth year, pricked herself with a spindle, and fell down dead. Frankly, she was not death, but a deep sleep of a hundred years. After many years, a prince found her, and kissed her….well, the magic happened, as soon as he kissed her, she opened her eyes and awoke and looked at him quite sweetly. Of course, you know, the prince and princess got married, and had a happy life in every fairy tale.

I haven’t seen the rose princess, but, involuntarily, I put the Shinku into this role. Aha, that’s just my imagination. In fact, she’s as beautiful as the rose princess, I always think like this. How does she look like in your mind?

With blue eyes, blond hair tied into two ponytails on average, she’s still eye-catching, as well as her nice red dress. At the first sight, I have already fallen love for this anime girl. Firstly, I like her clear eye, like sky, like spring. In other words, I can find the sense of serenity and peace. In plain terms, just such qualities strike me on the heart. Even, I expect she can smile to me, and the eyes filled with smile. I hope who I like can be smiling brightly. Um…it’s a strange habit.
The next interests me is her gorgeous Rosen Maiden Shinku cosplay costume. I like the feeling of overwhelming with the red passion. Except that, I like the design of dress, similar to Lolita. Body skirt matches with decent shawl, at last, accompanying with special headwear. Looking carefully, black lace goes around the edge of lap, cuff and shawl, and ruffles gather in the lap. It’s crowning touches, I think. Do you like bow decorating your clothing? If the answer is yes, well, this unique will get your favor. Green one is beneath the neck, and a red one is in the back.

More detail, Shinku likes black tea, so do I. I believe we’re like-minded friend. I don’t mind, if she’s free, we can learn from each other. :D

Actually, out of love for Rosen Maiden, cosplayers often choose Shinku to play. It proves she’s a charming girl, isn’t it? Rosen Maiden Shinku cosplay is a best stuff, when you’re bothered whom you shall act as. So, release your body, your thinking, and all pressure in a cosplay, to just enjoy fun. Remember my recommendation, Rosen Maiden Shinku. Go!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don’t Miss So Endearing Arale in Dr. Slump

so cute baby, kiss-ing!!

Endearing, yeah…it’s absolutely right for Arale. If you ask me to use another word to summarize, um….after a great deal of thinking, Kawaii is alternative.

I don’t know if you know this cute girl, well, how about the Dragon Ball? Both Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball are written by famous cartoonistとりやま あきら. < Forgive me, I don’t know how to call him in English. > I have still remembered the school-days. When I was a middle school student, the indispensable thing was to watch the cartoon Dragon Ball, Inuyasha and stuff after school.

Today, you’ll know the hot little girl --- Dr. Slump Arale. You’ll fall in love with her.
With big eyes, and thick glasses, Arale in anime quite like oil, well, the honey who meets you very soon likes ice-cream a lot. Now, go to appreciate the cosplay pictures
How do you feel? She's really like the role......how awesome job!!!