Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enchanting Death Note Amane Misa Cosplay


Aha, I remember my first date with Misa is the movie Death Note. Yeah, God bless, I met such a good girl, at least, and in my eyes she’s good.  


I was fascinated with her clear eyes, interesting looks and her commitment for her love. If you’re a boy, or a male, do you appreciate her characteristics? You may overlook the fact she is a girl, who needs careful care, need a guardian. That’s true. While, the death takes on this role, to my astonished, at this time, where is the man with boiling blood? A guy in cold blood should feel shamed. Woow…………at the sight of here, hoping you don’t criticize my words. I’m just somewhat in anger. : )

 Referring Misa’s commitment for love, I conjure up a sentence that if you’re the rock I’ll crush against. It’s absolutely suitable to describe her, isn’t it? She knows Light just take advantage of her, yet she’s willing to gratify his needs. It’s a tragic in love story. 

Surely, the Misa’s fans are not less than the Light’s. Are you a member of her supporters? For cosplayers, Misa is a classic role, so there appears so many excellent works in Death Note Misa Cosplay album. Okay, let go to appreciate these photos. 

After viewing these pictures, if you have beautiful dreams for your own Misa cosplay?

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