Monday, August 8, 2011

Hetalia: Axis Powers China Wang Xiao Cosplay

Hetalia Axis Powers -- China

Being a Japanese webcomic at first, Hetalia Axis Powers developed into manga and anime series later. That’s enough to present its popularity. It mainly depicts the historic events, in particular the World War II era, in which different countries are represented by their country characters. The members of Axis Powers and the allies of World War II are Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia and China.

Although China played a small role in this big event, well, the Hetalia Axis Powers China Wang Xiao cosplay is hot, and eye-catching.
Hetalia Cosplay

Move your eyes to the traditional Chinese clothes. Well, at the first glimpse, you’ll notice its difference. The passionate red color shows hospitality, as well as a prayer for happiness. As for the design, you may find there is no ruffles, and lance. But the buttons are distinctive. 

If you’re tired of the gorgeous dresses, try this style, jacket matching with pants. In a cosplay show, change your flavor. Being a Chinese countryside girl, you’ll dig out more funs.

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