Monday, August 15, 2011

Pokémon Pikachu Cosplay

Pokemon Pikachu

Well, at first, I ask you a question that do you think Pikachu is a pet?

For me, I tend to treat it as my partner, not just a pet. A pet can fight with you? Wow… it’s a joke… the deepest impression to me is in the anime: the cute face, its flexible tail and its power.

I bet it’s impossible that Pikachu is less attractive than the other characters in anime. No wonder many people become its followers, at the same time, in some cosmic convention people are costumed as Pikachu. Today, I share the popular Pokemon Pikachu cosplay works with you to enjoy the fun.
Pikachu cosplay

Looking at the photo above, here is a pretty Pikachu girl… from her ears, red cheeks, even her yellow fur, no doubt, there exhibits a sexy Pikachu.
Pokemon Pikachu cosplay -- so cute..

I have to thumb up for this cosplayer. She deduces a happy Pikachu, the shiny smile dazzle my eyes.
Pikachu cosplay--fat pikachu

For sure, this Pikachu should be on diet… and hoping he can be successful.

These works are so interesting, aren’t they? Haha… hurry to join, and remember the fun in a photo.

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