Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Legend of Zelda Link

At first, I have to thumb up for this awesome work.

Usually, we put most attention to The Legend of Zelda princess, while, to your unexpected, Zelda Link also captures our eyes.

What’s Legend of Zelda?
Occasionally, the Legend of Zelda is called Legend of Zelda, or Zelda, is a high fantasy action-adventure video game. Considered one of the most popular and most excellent productions, it consists of a mixture of action, adventure and puzzle solving.
The game centers on Link, the playable main character and protagonist, who often becomes a hero to rescue princess Zelda. Yeah, as we known, the name of the game Zelda comes from the main character princess Zelda. 

Well, facing such an eye-catching role, there is no reason to get rid of him in a cosmic-convention. I believe, after browsing these pictures, you’ll fresh your eyes for Zelda Link.

Zelda Link
Wow… there is a rabbit dancing in my heart… seeing such a cool man, it’s hard to keep cool down… Lol…

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