Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outstanding Team Rocket Pokémon Cosplay

Team Rocket Pokemon Cosplay

Team Rocket:
The first syndicate, led by the criminal mastermind, desires to steal Pokémon to further its goal of world domination.

Of course, the result like most story depict, antagonists always pay for their stupid behavior, miserable failure and physical injuries are their bitter memories.

While, one should be pointed out that they have a deep explanation for the sentence: failure teaches success, although they haven’t had a successful example. They attack Ash after one more times, as if they enjoy it. No doubt, in the story Pokémon, Team Rocket spices up the risking adventures.

Jesse and James
Facing these interesting roles, cosplayers are always ready to try. So, Team Rocket Pokémon cosplay (either called Pokemon Jesse cosplay or James cosplay),  is popular among the various costumed play. Have you seen their obvious features? Their team clothes is white which is one of my favorite color, as regard to the hair, they are swanky as their personalities, one is bright red, and the other is bright blue (light purple). In any case, I think it’s a successful design on characterization.

For the clothing, there have many in common. White color, big letter “R” in the center of breast, and matching black leather gloves, boots forms the rule of team clothes. Certainly, you have no image in your mind just hearing my description. Now, go to appreciate the outstanding works. I believe you’ll like them.

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