Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beautiful Lady --- Chobits Chi Cosplay

beautiful Chobits Chi

Who she is, I guess, you’ll confuse about it. Letting go of the story plot, Chi can be simply seen as a technological advanced personal computer with the great intelligence and the ability to feel emotions… in all, she can’t treated as the ordinary thing. In the story, Chi is found by Hideki in a pile of trash when he makes his way home from work one night. At that time, the only word “Chi” is what she can speak…. Talking about that, you’ll understand the origin of her name. I have to say Hideki is a lazy guy, who makes the name in such a lazy way…. If you’re the fans of Hideki, forgive me…. J
Chobits Chi cos
Chi is a cute Chobits, with no memory of her past, including some information about herself, such as her original name at the time, Elda; has a sister, Freya. She loves Hideki, so as to go to work to help him get money in a bakery called Chiroru. Well, she’s endearing girl, isn’t she?

For the reason of her high popularity, the cosplayers and costumed participants can not miss the chance to deduce different Chobits Chi story. Whatever the occasion is, comic convention, costumed party, or Halloween party, you can find her footprints. Due to the gorgeous and glamorous Chobits Chi clothing, Chi becomes the most girls’ goal. 

Are you ready?? Be courageous, confident... Try this role...

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