Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Inspiration For Halloween --- Avatar Elegant Cosplay

the view in the movie Avatar

With cute long ears, a proud tail in back and exactly unprecedented blue skin, the people in Avatar all looks like so. There is anyone feeling creepy for them? None…. I’m sure. People are so interested except deep curiosity…. And lovers show more admiration than making light of them, which you can be traced from the popularity at the time….

Recently, I have met so many questions that who I should be in the coming Halloween party, or how can I act as a special role…. More ideas and stuff…. I know you’ll pay out much work and energy for this alluring meeting…. Have you ever considered the role in Avatar?? I think it’s a good idea…

she's a beauty, right?

If you choose this plan, well, how to carry on this idea? I promise, you’ll not print yourself as a blue dolphin, and not worry that the dyestuff will make any damage to your skin… by the way, I think, for dark skin people, it’s really a good idea, which can hide your skin color, and the white teeth will spice up this role…. J Easily, the customized Avatar zentai suit will take advantage of its soft feeling and nice visual effect to accomplish your meeting perfectly…. Generally, the suit is enclosed with hood, just like a jump suit, but, you can get eyes, mouth even nose according to your need. It clings to your body closely, as if it’s your skin, indeed. One point can’t be neglected, is the tail attached in the back.
Avatar cosplay work

A pair of exclusive ear is necessary…. I quite agree this point, because I like the elf ears or called it demon ears…. It’s long and pointy, I believe, people in Pandora have great hearing, since the exclusive ear can get better signal, and can receive more information at the same time just judging from its appearance…. J it’s really a satisfying stuff…

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