Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bleach 10th Division Toushiro Hitsugaya Cosplay

How about Toushiro Hitsugaya?
A good question… maybe one of the reasons attract you, is his personality. For my evaluation, he’s a young and promising boy, no wonder called “boy genius” or “child prodigy”… although sometimes he appears short-tempered and irritable, generally, he’s mature and serious.

Then, move eyes to Toushiro Hitsugaya wig.
In my memory, white sometimes means death, doesn’t? With remarkable bushy white hair, Toushiro Hitsugaya has to catch your attention. Well, the white just symbolizes his identity in some ways, which belongs my personal opinion. J If the white hair gives you impression that he’s too old to become weak, it’s a mistake… in contrast to this superficial illusion, like what I said above, he’s boy genius. As to the hairdo, it reminds me the teeth of shark for the first sight. It shows brief, powerful, and vigorous, which response to his personality, short-tempered, irritable, but courageous, and strong.

Finally, the simple but not monotonous Toushiro Hitsugaya costume is shown to you.
It can say it’s a kind of standard kimono costume. It’s the popular color collocation of white and black… can I consider the color as heaven and hell? The dark always takes control of the death or hell… No expectation, some simple patterns are drawn on the lap of the clothes.

Furthermore, Toushiro Hitsugaya accessories play as important role as the dress. Like delicate necklace, ring, and badges are all indispensable.

Who is Toushiro Hitsugaya?
At first, I’ll clear up your confusion on who is Toushiro Hitsugaya… Ha-ha, no doubt, he’s a handsome boy, and a leader character in anime and manga series Bleach… exactly, he’s the captain of the 10th Division, a group of Soul Reapers protecting Soul Society.

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