Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay

Cloud Final Fantasy

To girls fascinated, together with boys, a stunning young Cloud Strife emerged all of a sudden. Blond hair, striking blue eyes, dark clothing and his Buster Sword come on strong impression to people.

Cloud Fantasy

Along with widespread success, the character Cloud Strife has been rooted among the people. He made his debut in Final Fantasy , and successively arose in FFVII, FF Tactics, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, the Kingdom Hearts game, and Itadaki Street Special.

Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay

"I pity you. You just don't get it at all ... there's not a thing I don't cherish!" Initially, Cloud is such a boy with somewhat cocky and selfish attitude, while, as the story develops, he changes a lot. His style and personality get much favor along with his growth.

Apart from Cloud personalized nature, the nice Cloud Final Fantasy Cosplay outfit, I believe, is also main reason why people love him so much. Presently, there is a golden opportunity enjoy the Fantasy Cosplay being Cloud.

I don’t know how many people are addicted with him, but I know I drool over him for so long time.    :D don’t laugh at me….I always haven’t resistance for handsome guy.

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