Thursday, July 21, 2011

Invitation: Pokemon Misty Cosplay

Pokemon Misty Picture 

A sunshine girl, in the time I give the first glimpse to her, I can’t help saying like this. The small body includes powerful energy--- warm and happy feelings.

So cute and sweet...
I have been addicted with Pokémon since I was a middle school student. Some people give their ideas that she’s a tomboy… with the goal of becoming the world’s greatest water Pokémon trainer, Misty left the gym, of course, she’s fed up with her sisters is one of the reasons.

Pokemon Misty Cosplay Picture
In the road to be a strong trainer, she’s not alone, accompanying with Ash and Brock, as well as various friends they met. But the biggest enemy is constant Team Rocket, including a pair of partner, and a naughty kitty.

Misty's also a beauty...

As for the appearance, what impresses me is her hair, which looks like a ripe orange. Stylish brick-red color seems recounting the story of youth. Move the eyes to her dress, Pokémon Misty cosplay outfit. Yellow sleeveless T-shirt matching with jean shorts and red suspenders put finishing touches to this clothing. Not only it can be worn in a cosplay activity, but in daily life, I believe. With combination of popular elements, this dress gets more preference.

I dream to be a strong people who can give a hand when someone need. Aha, so achieve it in a Pokemon cosplay show; receive this zealous invitation, because I don’t think you wanna see me depressed, you’re great people…..

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