Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sasuke Cosplay Show

Different from Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke has a closely perfect life at the beginning. Born in a big family, he has a kind mother and proud brother, at the same time, for himself, he’s a top student in ninja school. On account of handsome appearance, he’s a popular one who is pursuit by many girls, maybe including you. He possesses nearly everything beautiful. While he lost all that day, peaceful life is broken. Not only his dream was broken into pieces, but his brother he ever loved and admired becomes his sworn enemy. This tragedy begins. The scales of life tip in opposite direction.

Do you want to follow Sasuke’s steps to explore more adventures? Usually, a Naruto Sasuke cosplay can achieve your idea. Well, today I’ll blow your mind.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sakura Is Blooming in Your Hand

Wearing a red cheongsam dress with white circular designs, accompanying with tight black shorts and a forehead protector, this outfit is a whole perfect. Do you think so? This design comes from beauty Sakura in Naruto. Is she your dish?

With bright pink hair, green eyes, and fair skin, without a shadow of doubt, she is a beauty, isn’t she? Such a sunshine girl, while she always complains of her large forehead. Due to this reason, she gets the nickname of “billboard brow”, I think, it sounds interesting. Of course, it’s just my opinion.

You must saw such scene, an inner Sakura to show her inner emotion. In addition to comic relief, inner Sakura represents Sakura’s actual opinion on things when she outwardly displays something opposite. What a cute girl she is!

Saying so much, well, move to the theme, have you seen Sakura cosplay show? Today, I’ll give you a feast for your eyes.

In fact, you can experience more, once you join the costume play. Do you want to have a try? Run!

Uzumaki Naruto ---- Temptation of Noodle

Haha~~ I’m so excited when I eat the noodle. You can say, I like it as if the mouse loves rice.
I’m son of 4th hokage, you know? As I was a child, Kyuubi Kitsune was sealed in my body. In this connection, I was deemed as a monster, all the villagers are indifferent for my existence; even keep me at arm’s length.
In such occasion, what would you do? I’m a kid, so I behave like a child should do. Facing the rejection from others and indescribable loneliness, I am eager to prove myself. Mischief and poor grades let them know me. I believe that’s just beginning.
In the case of graduation, I achieved a major breakthrough; I got approval from my teacher—Iruka. You cannot know how my heart dances. To my best pleasant, my dear teacher invite me to dinner. You also don’t know how big a meal it is! That’s my favorite — noodles.
Maybe you still remember my oath; I will be a great hokage in the future. I can find confidence and endless strength. Of course, I made much more efforts to it. That’s not enough.
There is nothing but efforts and efforts to success. I always think so. And I believe, it can be applied in anyone, as like the way I encouraged Konohamaru. I liked this boy, because he was the only one called me boss. He’s sincere to me, so am I.
Well, above is just one part of my life, it belongs to the beginning time. I’ll meet you in succession.
Do you want to appreciate the cosplay pictures with me? Have a look at my styling. 
Just enjoy yourself here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we meet here again, dear friends

I’m a new, so take this opportunity to get familiar with you, you and you. With sincere heart, I know, you’re not afraid to reject such a zealous girl, are you?

Hither, you can enjoy juice, tea, or some snacks, at the same time, chatting with friends around the world. It’s a good time. Kindly reminder: Frankly speaking, these eating should be brought by yourselves. ^_^

I’m an anime lover, in China, it called “fen si”. And I’m interested in cosplay, and you? I want to exhibition my collection to dear friends. It takes one to know one. So, I’m looking for such soul mate. Are you the one??
Anyway, still the door is open just waiting for your visit.

Happiness is from your smile face, and step into my heart. Welcome to my cote to enjoy yourself.