Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Next Stop, Tifa Final Fantasy Cosplay

Tifa Lockhart --- Lateral View

Recently, I read a controversial post, which said Tifa Final Fantasy was deemed the past, in other words, Tifa Lockheart is outmoded. Is it really the fact? Surely, I rank in the list of discommenders. 

If you like her, and is her loyal lovers, who cares?

We know she has a gorgeous history. Tifa is the seventh most attractive female game protagonist in the world, and the first sexiest role around the world. Apart from it, she holds the second position in the most beautiful game female rating. That’s truth, who can deny it?
Final Fantasy Tifa, i can't move my eyes,when seeing her

I get clear about the temptations from diverse game, anime, and stuff, well, still I believe, Tifa is an ageless legend.

Her eyes like springs, clear and pleasant, and the lips is enchanting cherry, wow…. I can’t describe better, she’s the beautiful scene. I admire her well shaped figure, of course, the distinctive outfit. I think I’m not the only one drool over her good looking. 

Tifa Lockhart cosplay

In a Final Fantasy Cosplay, Tifa always keeps her position in the top. I can’t say she outshine others, but, a luminous people indeed. 

The picture in the left side is taken from Tifa cosplay album. It’s exactly similar to the image in the game. Wearing the Tifa costume, well posing to the photo, the all effect presents perfect.

In the following cosmic-convention, or Halloween cosplay, maybe Tifa is your next stop.

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