Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Kairi Cosplay

Endearing Kairi

Hello… always I want to present you the pleasant thing, and no exception, today I bring you an endearing girl. It says the best thing in the world is to view beauty as many as possible, which make you happy, and feed your eyes. For me, it’s also a truth.
Lateral View:Kairi
I’m not sure if you like her….but she’s a sweet girl --- Kingdom Hearts Kairi. Um… if I need find a word to describe her, I’d rather choose a favorite fruit --- cherry.

Her hair is a delightful color, as if, to echo to this joyful element, Kairi is in pink dress.

I get crazy about her clear eyes, like sapphire… it seems this metaphor is not exactly appropriate, her eyes liven up the whole face. I can find blue sky, pure stream and fresher thing in her eyes. 

Kindom Hearts Kairi Cosplay
I recognize, I like her, but I’m not bisexual. : D

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