Sunday, June 19, 2011

Say “Hello” to Harry Potter

Do you like Harry Potter? Aha, this question is given to you, also me. I don’t mind telling you truth that I have been addicted with it whatever the excellent plot or magic effect. Plus, the Harry Potter is more like a growth history which record the process of childish fantasy to brave heart. It seems I witness the growth of the actor and actress, which makes me exciting.

The big glasses impress me, and also I miss the Ron’s freckles when he’s a child. But to my amazing, Hermione Jane Granger becomes more and more striking. I bet, if giving you a chance, you must want to challenge these characters, don’t you? 

Recently, I found the Harry Potter cosplay becomes the mainstream fashion in cosplay activity. Are you eager to join? Wait, the Harry Potter costumes are necessary. No denying, cheap cosplay costumes pleasant you and assist the big success in cosplay show. 

You and I am longing for the shinning performance, now, invite you to appreciate the unforgettable Harry Potter pictures.

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