Thursday, June 9, 2011

Naruto Hinata Cosplay Show

Please move your eyes to Hinata, a daisy girl. Don’t you think she has magic to make you fall love with her?

“I want to change myself depending on my own!” Hinata said with light melancholy mixed calm expression.

As an heir of clan, yet she can’t get recognition. For this reason, she ever was flustered to cry. Because she knows that she’ll be doomed to bear this heavy family name to live. If something is arranged by destiny, so change another way to be pride. She felt confused until the appearance of Uzumaki Naruto. At this time, she knew what she would do as if the sun finally pushes away the heavy clouds.

Someone ever said: who laugh at this daisy girl. She thought it’s a common model of the comic which treats the love as gorgeous soap bubble. Once you touch it, it will break into pieces. Still she waited for him, no matter the how distant the stars look. Naruto for her is sunshine, although it’s dazzling but not gives up.

While, others say, the affections between Sakura and Sasuke are not love. And Sakura is just a spoony laying stress on appearance. I think we can not despise the girls’ courage on account of passion in their unswerving eyes. You can deny the superficial point, but you can not overlook the hard process.

In most stories, there exist two types of girls: long hair and bingle, silent and positive, happy and sorrow or he likes and like his. Instead of a cartoon image, they more like the shadow of reality. Regardless of which party she belongs to, they are irreplaceable in the heart of fans, and you?

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