Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we meet here again, dear friends

I’m a new, so take this opportunity to get familiar with you, you and you. With sincere heart, I know, you’re not afraid to reject such a zealous girl, are you?

Hither, you can enjoy juice, tea, or some snacks, at the same time, chatting with friends around the world. It’s a good time. Kindly reminder: Frankly speaking, these eating should be brought by yourselves. ^_^

I’m an anime lover, in China, it called “fen si”. And I’m interested in cosplay, and you? I want to exhibition my collection to dear friends. It takes one to know one. So, I’m looking for such soul mate. Are you the one??
Anyway, still the door is open just waiting for your visit.

Happiness is from your smile face, and step into my heart. Welcome to my cote to enjoy yourself.

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